Meeting the needs and/or expectations of others

Customers – To ensure I meet the needs of my customers there are several methods I can use to gather their requirements.

To begin the process of gathering a customer’s needs I request an initial meeting with the customer to discuss their requirements. During this meeting I provide them with a demonstration of monitoring systems and its capabilities, I also gather their requirements by filling in a predefined form. After the meeting I use the information gathered to draft an initial design of the monitoring to be put in place, and work out any costs involved. I then send this design to the customer to confirm I have understood their requirements and for them to agree this is what they want.

If they have any changes or refinements to the design these are captured and added to the design, and resent to customer for consideration.

Once they have agreed on the final design, I commission my team to build a monitoring solution based on the agreed design. Once complete, a hand over meeting is arranged to demonstrate how the new monitoring solution operates and the solution is handed over to the customer if they are happy otherwise, further alterations will take place as per customer needs.

After hand over of the monitoring solution we arrange to meet with customers usually 1- 4 weeks later to ensure we have catered for their needs and to answer any further queries and to provide guidance.

Refinements to the monitoring solution is ongoing for the entire lifetime of a customer’s service as they regularly have new changes implemented and the monitoring solution needs to be tailored  to these. Should a customer’s requirements change they then need to follow our ITIL process for “requests for change” which are dealt with and documented within our electronic ITIL driven ServicePoint tool. Once a change has been logged within the tool, it then works out all the stakeholders that need to be notified and sends them regular email based on the progress of the change. Also regular CAB (Change Advisory board) meetings are held to discuss, progress and approve any future changes and to ensure communication is disseminated.

Colleagues – To ensure that as a manager, I am and the organisation is meeting the needs of my staff, I hold regular Personal Development Reviews (PDR) with each individual member of staff.  During this we agree tasks and set targets on task and learning plans. This ensures they have a development plan in place and any concerns are dealt with, this is documented within our electronic PDR system for review. I also hold regular team meetings (every 2 weeks) where I circulate organisational information to my staff and also allow each member to have a voice and put their views forward.

I also frequently informally chat to my staff ensuring they are motivated and content in the tasks they are doing. Often I gather information on my team by simply over hearing them chat throughout the day this gives me an idea on how they doing and if needs be any concerns can brought up in either our 1 to 1 or team meeting as appropriate.

Key Stakeholders – Service Management team, Workforce and development Team and the Finance team.  To ensure I am meeting the needs of my key stakeholders they arrange regular meetings to discuss how things have been going and also agree actions for the future. These agreed actions are documented in the minutes of the meeting and shared on our SharePoint site for us all to review. We also hold one to one conversations should any immediate queries arise so that it can be dealt outside of the regular meeting cycle. Every meeting we review the previous meetings minutes and document progress on any actions and then set new actions.

Each team has its own section within our SharePoint site where we can advertise our documentation and procedures to the rest of the organisation. We can also use this to gather information such as surveys, email forms and to present any progress of current projects.

Relevant Others – NHS Wales staff based in hospitals and GP surgeries (Doctors, Nurses, admin staff, managers..)

To ensure the needs of NHS Wales staff are meet we can hold regular meetings with them to get their views and feedback on the products they are using daily. Where staff are based all over the country we can use video conferencing facilities or there are other ways to gather their feedback.  Such as developing a survey and publishing on a web site where they can easily access from their work PC regardless of where they are. We can feed information back to them via our internet / intranet web sites. Also we can make use of online forums, blogs and email, where we can communicate regular to ensure we are fulfilling their needs.

For patients of NHS Wales we can also make use of online forums, blogs and email to get their views. We can publish news and feedback on our Internet site for them to easily access. For patients who don’t have internet access we can print leaflet \ brochures to send out information. We can also gather information from suggestions boxes, complaints procedures or surveys, whether online or paper based. Using a variety of different methods will ensure we capture a wide patient base as possible to fully ensure patient’s expectations are being met.

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