Explain how to use employee engagement to increase motivation levels

Employee engagement can be used to motivate and enthuse staff. An engaged employee is one who shows commitment and willingness to help out beyond their normal job which leads to better business performance.

It is vital that all employees are feeling they are well-informed about what is happening in the organisation. For every employee to feel engaged, it is key that an organisation has a policy of ongoing open communications with all employees via several mediums such as web pages, email, meetings …

Providing employees with opportunities to feed their views upwards and to provide feedback on their thoughts is important, by providing tools such as surveys or team / one to one meetings. Employees will be more engaged if they feel they are learning and growing in their role and adding real value to the goals of the organisation.

Managers should lead by example, this will motivate employees by them believing that your manager is committed to your organisation. By Managers being effective and committed, they gain trust from their employees this affluences the engagement process and the managers integrity within the organisation. Managers who empower rather than control their staff will benefit from an improved motivation level with their staff.

Employers want employees who will do their best work, or ‘go the extra mile’ so that the business is productive and providing value for money. Employees need interesting and challenging work that they find absorbing, rewarding and enjoyable. When these factors combine you have a win-win situation and model employee engagement ethos. Both sides have everything to gain by it and will work hard to maintain it.