Describe the factors that may affect motivation levels in the workplace

There are many factors that affect motivation levels in the workplace, these include –

  1. Personnel development / training or lack of it
  2. Challenge / job satisfaction
  3. Responsibility / trust
  4. Resources / tools / technology
  5. Home life
  6. Facilities / environment
  7. Money / Pay / funding /
  8. Job security
  9. Meritocracy
  10. Management team / leadership
  11. Culture / Relationships
  12. Bureaucracy
  13. Workload / stress

In more detail some of the factors that affect motivation are money, feedback and personal growth –

Money is an important motivator in the workplace; it is one of the reasons why we get out of bed in the morning to go to work. Money can affect two areas within the work place, an employee’s salary and funding for a team or project. It is important for an employee to earn enough money to live on; otherwise money pressures can have a negative effect on motivation at work. Also if someone else is getting a better salary for the same job this can be demotivating.

Funding for teams and projects within an organisation can affect motivation. If funding is granted it can motivate staff, whereas if funding is coming to an end, staff can feel demotivated. For example funding cuts means contract staff will be laid off putting extra pressures on full time staff.

Feedback is an important in the workplace and can seriously effect motivation. For example criticism can be a cause of demotivation in staff, whereas praise or positive feedback can motivate staff as they feel appreciated, valued and that their hard work is being acknowledged.

Training is important for workers to be able to see their own personal growth and development within their role. Without suitable training staff can feel a bit out of their depth and incapable of completing tasks which can demotivate them. Properly trained staff can feel empowered and will have the drive to complete a task, this can then push them to work harder and push the boundaries of their capabilities.

Demotivated staff members may become negative towards their job, which can have a knock on affect on other employees by spreading a negative attitude.

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