Benefits of change and innovation

Explain what you see as the benefits of innovation and change for the organisation

Most organisations will benefit from high efficiency and increased productivity. Identifying how to achieve these will benefit an organisations ability to be a leading force in their area.

Organisational change and innovation are essential for an organisations growth and development

There are many benefits of innovation and change, some of these are –

  1. Productivity
  2. Efficiency
  3. Cost Saving
  4. Reduction of risk
  5. Quality improvement in service
  6. Learn new skills
  7. Improved customer satisfaction
  8. Use of new / improved technology
  9. Improved business reputation
  10. Improved staff motivation \ morale
  11. Personal/staff development
  12. Improved team working
  13. Common goals
  14. Legislative compliance

Three of these in more detail are –

  1. Cost Saving – NWIS is always looking for cost savings and currently has a moto of “Doing more for less”. By saving money where we can means we can deliver more services to the Welsh NHS and ensures we provide value for money to the people of Wales. By providing value for money we gain favourable publicity and improved relationships with our customers and our funding provider the Welsh Assembly. We can better our cost savings by better understanding our customer needs and not to deliver services that are not required or have very low demand.
  2. Personal / staff development – By NWIS investing in staffs personal development the organisation will benefit from a better skilled and motivated workforce. This will then fuel high efficiency and increased productivity for NWIS. Staff will be able to cope positively with change by constantly updating their skill set, which in turn builds confidence and credibility. Maximising staff potential this leads to better staff morale and helps give a positive image/brand to NWIS. Motivated staff leads to improved customer care and relationships with clients and suppliers. There will also be cost savings for NWIS has there will be reduced costs of sick pay, sickness cover, overtime and recruitment
  1. Productivity – One of the key benefits of innovation and change is productivity within the organisation. NWIS can greatly improve its productivity through good Organisational Development practices. Good organisational development will enable NWIS to better respond and adapt to industry/market changes and technological advances. By NWIS being more productive will lower running \ operational cost. This means we will have more cash flow to be able to provide more services to NHS wales. By being more productive NWIS will benefit from improved customer satisfaction, better relations with suppliers and enriched corporate image.